The flexible long-term care plan

When used creatively, combo products can ensure your clients’ long-term care needs are covered, whatever might happen down the road. It may not be detectible to everyone quite yet, but there’s a seismic shift happening among consumers and their financial professionals when it comes to preparing for long-term care. If you haven’t looked at asset-based … Continue reading

Five Common Misconceptions about Long Term Care Insurance

With all the misconceptions out about long term care insurance, Robert Cardona, of his LTC Insurance Solutions Inc., would like to share the five most common. In 2011, the average cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home is $86,040 annually. With an average stay of 2.4 years, that’s more than $206,496 per average … Continue reading

2012 Long Term Care Insurance Survey

SEE ALSO: 2012 Long Term Care Insurance Survey: Hightlights of the Survey Product Details This section describes, row-by-row, the information displayed in the exhibit. Because many features cannot be fully described in limited space, please seek more information from insurers, as appropriate. This year, we’ve added information about Independent Review of Claims (row 73) and … Continue reading

Paying for Long Term Care, a New Look at an LTC Insurance Policy

One of the most challenging parts of insurance planning is the sale of long term care insurance.  As the population ages, the need for this type of coverage is becoming more and more important and needs to be addressed.  People are living longer and the probability that they will need some type of care increases.  … Continue reading

2011 Individual Long Term Care Insurance Survey

The 2011 Individual Long Term Care Insurance Survey is the thirteenth consecutive annual review of individual long term care insurance (LTCI) published by BROKER WORLD magazine. The survey compares products, reports sales distributions, and analyzes the changing marketplace. Unless otherwise indicated, references are solely to the U.S. stand-alone LTC insurance market, which includes individual policies … Continue reading