Still in the Boys’ Club

Still in the Boys’ Club Women have been in the life insurance business for more than a century. So why are they still on uneven footing with their male colleagues? “In this work it is not only necessary to have a knowledge of human nature and tact but the power of imparting information. One of … Continue reading

Critical illness insurance — a product for many needs

CI protection is more than just a supplement to health insurance — and it’s more important now than ever to your clients and prospects. Over the past decade, many in our industry have been calling critical illness insurance America’s “product of the future.” Judging from the recent surge in CI sales in the United States, … Continue reading


Annuities continue to play an important part in retirement income discussions, just as regulators have been strongly focused on the product and how these products are sold. For example, the NAIC adopted a revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation in March 2010. As a result of this new model, which has already been adopted … Continue reading

Riders: The New Selling Point

A. Accelerated death benefit rider: Pays a portion of the death benefit to the insured upon diagnosis of a terminal illness that will significantly shorten life expectancy. B. Long-term care rider: Pays a monthly benefit to clients who receive home care or care in a nursing home — a good solution for clients who don’t think they … Continue reading