Boomers: Not One Size Fits All

You can’t put baby in a corner, and you can’t put baby boomers in one giant group. A look at the different needs and possible product solutions for various boomers. Boomers range in age from 45 to 65, so attracting them and selling to them presents a broad range of challenges. At the risk of … Continue reading

Why People Buy Annuities

LIMRA annuity researcher says surveyshows clients are anxious about income and need a financial plan before buying. Selling life insurance might seem to be more art than science. Sure, successful sales systems have their tested components derived from experimentation, but when it comes down to it, it’s the artful salesperson who usually closes the deal. … Continue reading

Boomers seek less volatile portfolios

by Ed McCarthy, CFP for he May 01, 2012 issue of Senior Market Advisor The Boomer Issue The bear market of 2008-09 hit pre-retirees’ and retirees’ portfolios hard. Although the broad equity market indices have since recovered, older investors remain cautious about risk-taking, according to Prudential’s survey, “Changing Attitudes About Retirement Income: Tracking the Challenges of … Continue reading

The Sandwich Squeeze

by Ed McCarthy for the May 01, 2012 issue of Senior Market Advisor The Boomer Issue If some of your boomer clients are stressed about their family situation lately, it’s possibly because demographic trends are squeezing many in that generation. A March 10, Wall Street Journal article by Anne Tergesen, Tax Deduction for Helping Relatives,* highlighted … Continue reading

Newest Baby Boom Good for Life Insurance

More babies means greater demand for good old-fashioned cash-value life insurance. Young couples tend to buy life insurance to protect their families and babies are making a comeback. In fact, what has been called a “baby bust” in the United States is now over, according to a January report from Demographic Intelligence, published by W. … Continue reading