A Broker’s Perspective…Choice: A Shortcut to Success

An individual’s right to choice is one of the most important symbols of freedom in America. Our profession has produced a great many highly successful individuals with certain traits in common that are worth learning. While many life producers enter our industry as agents representing a single company, by experience they soon learn the importance … Continue reading

Cyberspace Survival Guide

5 Steps you (and your BGA) can take to protect your mission critical data. In today’s 24/7 world, advances in technology have enabled companies to be accessible to their clients anytime, anywhere, and cutting-edge BGAs of all sizes are effectively implementing the latest software, tablets, smart phones, computers and communications tools to streamline their operations … Continue reading

The Paperwork Butterfly Effect: A Ripple Felt All The Way To The Carrier

The butterfly effect is when one small act has inconceivable and momentous rippling consequences that are significantly larger than the small act in and of itself. Have you ever experienced the effect that one small mistake in one little box on an insurance form can have? A seemingly small error on a new account application … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Independent Brokerage Technology Outlook 2012

I’ve watched the independent distribution channel grow around technology for the last 17 years—we have accomplished a lot. The brokerage community has secured their data and communications, adopted standards, and invested in agency management systems, document management systems, and sales tools. Today, supporting carriers receive the majority of their applications electronically. The largest hurdle has … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Prudential Insurance Company of America

Enthused and energized is how I would describe the view of Prudential Select Brokerage on the year ahead. Albeit a slow recovery, we see signs that the economic crisis is having less and less impact on our business. We’re looking at 2012 as an opportunity for us and for our distribution partners—especially those who are … Continue reading