The Last Word On LTCI…The Reveal

Let’s begin this month’s great reveal with a reminder of what we are doing and why. There is an astronomical caregiving debt that will come due for baby boomers, and everyone must understand that bill will be paid. As we know, some of it will be passed on to future generations through our ever-expanding system … Continue reading

Doing Good While Doing Well

It has been said for years that insurance agents “do good while doing well.” Brokers earn their living providing advice and products that protect their clients and loved ones from financial disaster—they do good while doing well. Similarly, BGAs earn their living helping brokers serve their clients—they also do good while doing well. Let us … Continue reading

Underwriting Requirements And Reality

There have been more changes in life underwriting requirements in the last five years than in the three decades prior. The drivers of this pace of change are these mandates from senior management: (1) control new business acquisition costs, (2) shorten application-to-issue cycle time, and (3) develop a more customer-friendly process. The only risk appraisal … Continue reading

A Broker’s Perspective: The BGA Newsletter, A Producer’s Most Unique Asset—The-BGA-Newsletter–A-Producer-s-Most-Unique-Asset.html?soid=1101728984258&aid=ZQ-HyEozQtg.

A Broker’s Perspective: The BGA Newsletter: A Producer’s Most Unique Asset

By Gary S Dworkin for the November 2012 issue of Broker World Magazine.  GARY S. DWORKIN CLU, RHU, is founder and president of Dworkin Associates, Inc. (DAI), with offices in Rochester, NH and Naples, FL.  Dworkin was one of the original members of Broker World’s advisory board and is a frequent contributor to the magazine. … Continue reading