The 9 lives of second-to-die

By Louis S. Shuntich, J.D., LL.M for Louis S. Shuntich, J.D., LL.M., is senior vice president, Advanced Planning, Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Second-to-die life insurance, also called survivorship life, is most closely associated with the payment of federal estate taxes. In fact, it is accurate to say that such policies were created for that … Continue reading

5 questions to ask a business owner

Many young insurance agents are intimidated by the business insurance market. Perhaps it is their fear of having to deal with the business owner’s CPAs, attorneys and other advisors, or perhaps it is their limited experience in reading business financial statements. While these are, indeed, challenges — and I would recommend working with more experienced … Continue reading

The Right Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Client

One of the most important planning issues confronting a business owner is what happens to his or her shares of the business upon death. Insurance-funded business transfer plans can guarantee the shares will be legally transferred to the right successors at the right price. The primary questions revolve around what type of buy-sell agreement and … Continue reading

Rich Niche – Greet Need

The United Stateshas more than 28 million businesses. And the life-span of a family-owned business is 24 years, which could mean a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship for advisors. Plus, 88 percent of family-business owners believe their family will still be controlling their business in five years, according to the Family Business Institute. But, sadly, … Continue reading

Selling DI to entrepreneurs: A Different Approach

As life insurance agents are quick to say, “Life insurance isn’t bought; it’s sold.” Quite often, the sale is based on emotional appeals — being a responsible person, taking care of one’s family or leaving a legacy. What is even more interesting — and, frankly, more perplexing — is the unavoidable fact that another insurance … Continue reading