A not-so-hidden source of life insurance premiums (presentation)

One of the most difficult steps in the life insurance sale is finding the funding for the client’s policy premiums. But what if there was a way that clients could provide financial assistance for loved ones without affecting their own retirement lifestyle? https://www.brainshark.com/transamerica/vu?pi=zF1zUv14HzNDfz0&intk=398943759

8 term life sales ideas for Gen X & Y prospects

These concepts can help producers open the door to more advanced client solutions down the road while securing badly needed coverage now for many of today’s under-50 consumers. As any agent or advisor will admit, it can be difficult to explain the full gamut of life insurance products to potential and current clients. This is … Continue reading

Life insurance is sold, not bought. But for how long?

Conventional wisdom is that insurance is sold, not bought. Many people claim that insurance products, especially life insurance, are complex, easily misunderstood, need detailed medical data to be underwritten, and therefore have to be “sold” to customers. Accordingly, the insurance sector has operated over the past two centuries with a large intermediary agent force (both … Continue reading

Overcoming middle-market sales hurdles

The middle market represents an estimated $10.2 trillion opportunity for producers, but with an unconvinced, non-buying public, reaping that reward won’t be easy. Here’s how to leap over the obstacles in your path. With an estimated $10.2 trillion protection gap in the middle market, there appears to be enough life insurance business to go around. … Continue reading

Current Trends in Insurance

With ongoing tax law changes, product enhancements, insurance carriers entering or leaving different markets and new riders, how do you keep up with all of these changes? NAIFA members who attended one of the 2012 NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting Workshops on Monday received some help in keeping up with these changes from Mike … Continue reading