MVAs: Most Valuable Annuity?

Annuity Insider What on earth is an MVA? According to Barron’s Insurance Dictionary, a Market Value Adjustment is “an increase or decrease in the surrender charge of the life insurance policy or annuity contract depending on the current financial markets.” Well, kinda. An MVA is actually separate from the surrender charge. In essence, an MVA … Continue reading

Life insurance as asset protection

The last five years have produced an explosion in the number of clients looking for solutions to both asset protection and estate planning issues. Your high net-worth (HNW) clients are rightly more concerned than ever before with loss than growth. That’s due to a variety of factors threatening their wealth, including increased litigation risk, decreased … Continue reading

The ABCs of Life Insurance: U–Z

By Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson for The difference between universal life and whole life is clear to agents, but to clients and prospects, they may look the same. Use this slideshow to help explain all kinds of important life insurance terms located at the far end of the alphabet, from whole life to viaticals … Continue reading

Indexed Universal Life Comes Of Age

With sales increasing by more than 41 percent in the past year, and an average growth rate exceeding 23 percent per year since its inception almost 15 years ago, the emergence of IUL is an amazing story! (See Figure 1). In addition, IUL (indexed universal life) and fixed indexed universal life (FIUL) have become the … Continue reading

Whole Life Policies: Tapping Cash Value as Alternative to Equity Investing

Whole life insurance policies have taken the spotlight as investors seek secure investment alternatives to today’s rocky equity markets. Not only do these policies provide for tax-deferred growth, but they come with many of the guarantees sought by clients today. The market for these policies is soaring, as clients see them as vehicles allowing for … Continue reading