Insurance for Critical Times

By Patrick J Kenney for Agent eNews. Patrick J. Kenney, CLU, ChFC, is Vice President and Regional Sales Manager for the Individual Sales Division of Assurity Life Insurance Company in Lincoln, Nebraska Consider for a moment the following statistics: Every 21 seconds, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with cancer.1 Every 25 seconds, someone in … Continue reading

A New Kind of Insurance Could Expand the LTC Marketplace

For demographic reasons, growth prospects for the long-term care insurance (LCTi) market remain attractive.  Agent frustrations, however, are mounting with ever tougher underwriting standards, longer underwriting turnaround times and rising premiums.  The result is a growing population of consumers who either want LCTi but don’t qualify, or want it but can’t afford it.  Fortunately, a … Continue reading

Will critical illness insurance take off?

Don’t get caught in the rain Just as is the case with retirement savings, there’s a common theme when it comes to Americans and finances: We’re just not prepared enough. There’s a long list of data telling us we aren’t prepared for a rainy day—or barely even a week from now: A survey found … Continue reading

Why should your clients buy critical illness insurance?

For clients who are building toward retirement, a life threatening condition could postpone their retirement, while a diagnosis could significantly affect or even eliminate retirement accumulation. What is critical illness insurance? It is protective coverage that pays a tax-free, lump sum benefit upon confirmed diagnosis of a covered critical, life-threatening condition. The benefit is paid … Continue reading

Selling Clients on CI

Before I talk about how to explain critical illness insurance to clients, let’s explore why we’re not talking about it with our clients in the first place. Og Mandino, in his book “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” wrote, “We are slaves to our habits, therefore, if I must be a slave to habit let … Continue reading