Disability Insurance Insights…The Essence Of Key Person Planning

Key person coverage is a business insurance that has been prescribed very readily on the life insurance side of our industry, and sales are actually good. However, the adoption of key person disability insurance has not been as widely received over the many years since its inception. The reasons are probably the same as they … Continue reading

Income Protection: The Best Kept Secret to Sales Success

By Candence S. Bidler Hurley, FLMI for November 2012 issue of Life & Health Advisor. Ms. Bidler Hurley is National Vice President of Individual Disability Insurance Sales – Principal Financial Group®. I’ve often thought that the greatest competition in the individual disability insurance business isn’t other carriers; it’s all the other products and solutions in … Continue reading

Disability Insurance Insights…

Ninety-seven years ago, Solomon Hueb­ner, founder of The American College, taught us that there are two kinds of death: dead death and living death. Either kind of death destroys one’s ability to earn an income, and the financial consequences are the same—earned income ceases. Thus, it must be part of our core values as financial … Continue reading

Disability Insurance Forum: Disability Insurance Knowledge = Disability Insurance Sales

By Eugene  Cohen,  Ellen M. Crowe,  Jack B. Schmitz & Michael A. Sileo, Jr. for the October 2012 Issue of BrokerWorld Magazine Q: What led you to specialize in the DI market? Jack Schmitz: Other than being born into the business and wanting to continue by dad’s vision, the focus on helping business owners protect their financial lives … Continue reading

The ABCs of Life Insurance: A–E

By Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson for LifeHealthPro.com Life insurance has more than its share of industry-specific jargon, and many of the terms frequently used by agents when talking about products and strategies can be very confusing to clients. This alphabetical-themed series of slideshows is here to help, featuring easy-to-understand definitions of common (and not-so-common) terms that … Continue reading