8 term life sales ideas for Gen X & Y prospects

These concepts can help producers open the door to more advanced client solutions down the road while securing badly needed coverage now for many of today’s under-50 consumers. As any agent or advisor will admit, it can be difficult to explain the full gamut of life insurance products to potential and current clients. This is … Continue reading

Life Insurance, Living Benefits, and Long Term Care:

Protection for All of Life’s Stages By John Oliver, CLU, ChFC, Vice President, Field Development for Transamerica A young couple just beginning a family. A GenXer sending a child to college. A Baby Boomer looking ahead to retirement. A senior enjoying the golden years. It seems as if they have little in common. However, an accident, … Continue reading

Protecting Gen Y’s Greatest Asset with DI

Education is key to dispelling the myth that financial protection is a discretionary need. As a cross-section of Americans to name their most important fianncial assets and you would draw some predictable responses: 401K plan, and IRA, a home – perhaps a business. Many may not hink about their ability to work and earn an … Continue reading

The accumulation SLAT: Flexibility for changing times

An accumulation spousal limited access trust offers Gen Xers the tax advantages of an irrevocable trust along with the added benefit of more options. An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is a common estate planning technique created to own life insurance outside an estate in an irrevocable trust. However, with the ever changing nature of … Continue reading

Understanding the Gen Y Prospect

For many life producers, the Generation Y market segment, comprising those born between 1978 and 1994, represents a singular paradox. This younger generation represents a massive business opportunity with a substantial lifetime value. With approximately 70 million people, it is the largest generation since the baby boomers. Yet, those in Generation Y communicate and do … Continue reading