Guaranteed universal life: The retirement saver

Life is not what it used to be, is it? Given the instability of the markets over the past few years, many Americans are now working farther into their “golden years,” have had to witness the values of their homes and their investment portfolios decrease, have become the primary caregivers for their parents (often an … Continue reading

Making the Most of Gifting in 2012

Time is running out on an historic planning opportunity Time is running out on a historic opportunity to help clients gift more than ever to their beneficiaries while paying little, or even nothing, in federal taxes. When the New Year’s Eve ball drops at midnight to welcome in 2013, it may usher out the greatest … Continue reading

Consumer Website on 2012 Gifting from American General

In 2011, Uncle Sam gave you the Best Estate Planning Gift  in history. In 2012 it got better In 2013 it goes away Now, more than any time in history,  a lifetime gifting strategy can provide more estate and gift tax savings. Click to see how Make your 2012 Lifetime Gifting appointments with your estate planning … Continue reading

Checklist for Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

Checklist for Primary Beneficiaries  Is each specifically identified by name, date of birth, and Social Security /TIN Number?  Does the total of all percentage interests add up to 100%?  Is any beneficiary designated as “irrevocable?”  Is any beneficiary a minor?  If so, will there be a legal guardian, trust or … Continue reading

Transferring Ownership Of Life Insurance

What is the value of a life insurance policy when it is transferred from one policyowner to another policyowner? Are there guidelines we can rely on to determine the value for income tax purposes, gift tax purposes or sale purposes, depending on the facts of the case? These are questions that I am frequently asked. … Continue reading