More Than Half of Financial Advisors Miss Opportunity to Incorporate Life Insurance into Planning

Just 34 percent say they are ‘very comfortable’ discussing life insurance with clients HARTFORD, Conn., – Financial advisors often miss the opportunity to speak to their clients about the important role life insurance products can play in financial planning, according to a recent survey by Saybrus Partners, Inc. The survey found that more than half … Continue reading

Cost Perception May Deter Life Insurance Sales

New LIFE Foundation and LIMRA Study Finds Misconceptions Over Cost May be Preventing Many from Getting Coverage They Need Consumers believe life insurance costs nearly three times the actual price, which may be deterring them from getting the coverage they say they need, according to a new report released today by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation … Continue reading

YOU’RE WIDE OPEN: Insurance Producers can Catch the Business Financial Advisors Miss

Are you still using the same phone or computer you had five years ago? Chances are, however, you’ve updated your electronics to ones that can do much more than they could a few years ago. While it might not be quite as dramatic, life insurance products have also advanced significantly and offer more flexibility and … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: American General Life Companies

A wealth of opportunity for advisors. Whether you refer to yourself as a broker, an agent, a producer or a consultant, I believe that there is no better time than the present to be a financial advisor. In case you think my prophecy is based solely upon the fact that I am sometimes viewed as … Continue reading