Secrets of Selling Insurance to Multicultural Clients

Minorties in America are more than one-third of the population and the US Census Bureau estimates they will become the majority by 2050. The minority population is growing much faster than the Caucasion population primarily because these families are younger and larger on average. Whether you sell life, disability, long term care this is good … Continue reading

Ethnic Marketing–How Cultural Differences Affect Retirement Planning and Saving

Ethnic Marketing–How Cultural Differences Affect Retirement Planning and Saving by Fabian Gonzalez California’s financial professionals know, perhaps better than anyone, that the emerging opportunity to serve multicultural markets is significant. Sixteen percent of the nation is of Hispanic/Latino origin, but that percentage is more than double in California (38%), according to 2010 Census data. Similarly, … Continue reading

Multiple Cultures, Multiple Financial Needs

A new study highlights the areas where various cultures differ in their financial preparedness. While many factors in the financial landscape may be in flux from day to day, one long-term trend is certain: America’s multicultural population is growing rapidly, presenting life insurance producers with an historic business opportunity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, … Continue reading