Carriers and Castaways

Companies and agents must rescue each other for the good of the industry. Sometimes it seems as though insurance agents have become the real-life embodiment of Chuck Noland, the FedEx employee portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway. He survived a plane crash, only to be stranded on a desolate island for four years … Continue reading

Is Your Independent Agency At Risk?

Risk management begins at home One of the main things we teach at The Sitkins Producer Training Camp is risk assessment. When you are working with prospects or clients, you should help them assess their risk and develop specific Risk Reduction Plans. It’s all part of our “set offense,” known as The Risk Reduction Approach(TM). … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Independent Brokerage Technology Outlook 2012

I’ve watched the independent distribution channel grow around technology for the last 17 years—we have accomplished a lot. The brokerage community has secured their data and communications, adopted standards, and invested in agency management systems, document management systems, and sales tools. Today, supporting carriers receive the majority of their applications electronically. The largest hurdle has … Continue reading

Study Finds Warning Signs For Independent Producers

An interview with Peter Walker Peter Walker, a director at the widely respected McKinsey & Co. consulting firm, unveiled some alarming findings at the LIMRA annual conference from his two-year study on the insurance industry. He discovered the insurance industry is losing its share of consumers to other financial services. In this discussion, he looks … Continue reading

Is Life Insurance Still Relevant Today?

Although life insurance needs have increased with the growing pop ulation, life insurance sales have not. There is an entire demographic, Gen X and Y, who not only don’t buy life insurance, they’re not even sure what it is. Why is that? Has this product outlived its usefulness? Has life insurance gone the way of … Continue reading