Acting Aviva PLC CEO Hints at Sale of Business Groups

The sale of Aviva USA may be closer to reality after the acting head of the unit’s U.K.-based parent company stated that the company will consider the disposition of some of its business lines. In a statement released Thursday, John McFarlane, executive deputy chairman, outlined a set of priorities for Aviva PLC. “Firstly, a strategic … Continue reading

A Broker’s Perspective: Changing Medical Requirements in Life Underwriting

As usual, Dr. Goldstone has provided excellent information on a problem that continues to concern all of us in life insurance marketing and underwriting.  Changes in medical requirements are simply a function of the many advances being made in science and medicine. As our tools for dealing with health issues become sharper and more refined … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Independent Brokerage Technology Outlook 2012

I’ve watched the independent distribution channel grow around technology for the last 17 years—we have accomplished a lot. The brokerage community has secured their data and communications, adopted standards, and invested in agency management systems, document management systems, and sales tools. Today, supporting carriers receive the majority of their applications electronically. The largest hurdle has … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Legal and General America

Big Themes in Brokerage. “State of the Industry” is too tall an order, and probably beyond any one person’s capability to intelligently address in one article. Instead, I’d like to focus on a few big themes I observe in brokerage distribution today. It’s a crowded market. Never have there been so many companies devoting so … Continue reading

What Do Producers Value More–Product or Support?

The task of attracting a steady stream of quality insurance producers to an insurance company can be a daunting one. With the wide array of services and support agents need for a successful sales career, where does a company begin? Not surprisingly, product remains king. A recent LIMRA study of affiliated and independent insurance producers … Continue reading