The nine lives of second-to-die

Second-to-die policies can help with estate taxes, but that’s far from all. Second-to-die life insurance, also called survivorship life, is most closely associated with the payment of federal estate taxes. In fact, it is accurate to say that such policies were created for that specific purpose. This is an industry, however, that is hard to … Continue reading

Don’t file those life insurance policies away

With lower interest rates, it is crucial that advisors keep an eye on the condition of in-force policies. Life insurance is a key component of any estate plan, but chances are, your client’s life has changed since he purchased it — and so have his financial needs. Given the shifting economic realities of the past … Continue reading

Using Life Insurance to Help Supplement Your Retirement Income

Incorporating life insurance into your client’s retirement plan can be key to them saving more. In today’s economic environment we are learning how self-sufficient we need to become to support an extended retirement. Pressure is everywhere. Employers looking to trim costs are cutting benefits such as pensions and 401(k) matches; governments are looking to cut … Continue reading

The ABCs of Life Insurance: U–Z

By Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson for The difference between universal life and whole life is clear to agents, but to clients and prospects, they may look the same. Use this slideshow to help explain all kinds of important life insurance terms located at the far end of the alphabet, from whole life to viaticals … Continue reading

Whole Life Policies: Tapping Cash Value as Alternative to Equity Investing

Whole life insurance policies have taken the spotlight as investors seek secure investment alternatives to today’s rocky equity markets. Not only do these policies provide for tax-deferred growth, but they come with many of the guarantees sought by clients today. The market for these policies is soaring, as clients see them as vehicles allowing for … Continue reading