The annuity evolution

Features available on today’s fixed indexed annuities can give consumers the growth and safety they crave while allowing carriers to survive a low interest rate environment. The headline on a recent Bloomberg news story was eye-catching: “Low Rates May Be ‘Devastating’ to Annuities, Group Says.” The article centered on a speech by LIMRA Chief Executive … Continue reading

Positioning indexed annuities in low interest rate environments

Three reasons why waiting before investing in FIAs may not be in the client’s best interest. Everyone is feeling the pressure of low interest rates these days — consumers, producers, distributors and manufacturers alike. If you’re like me, you are checking treasury rates two to three times a day … sometimes more. This pressure has … Continue reading

Assessing the Strength of Insurers

Look beyond the surface of life policy guarantees to see how a carrier is backing them By Alan S. (Al) Lurty for Life and Health Advisor Online.  Mr. Lurty is Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development for ING U.S. Insurance, where he leads the overall market direction and product agenda for the business … Continue reading