Paying Life Insurance Premiums with Company Cash Flow: The Tax Effect

Successful C Corp, S Corp, and LLC business owners often want to use the cash flow from their business to pay life insurance premiums. These premiums may be for either employer-owned polices or for personally owned policies, depending on the specific insurance protection needed. Tracking the income tax effect of that business cash flow is … Continue reading

The Hidden Insurance Sales Concealed Within Your Clients Federal Income Tax Return

I’ve been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for 35 years and earned 21 Court of the Table designations and 12 Top of the Table designations. Taking the time to learn the federal income tax return has helped me achieve my success. As advisors, we have honed in on the federal income … Continue reading

Top 12 Myths about Life Insurance

There’s something about life insurance that just freaks some people out. For one thing, it forces them to confront the notion of dying. For another, it demands they think about tomorrow when they don’t know what to do about today. So instead, they stick their heads in the sand. It’s not surprising then, that according … Continue reading