The Black Box Changing Life Underwriting

ANAHEIM, Calif. – “Predictive modeling” is coming to life underwriting, and while it may help reduce underwriting costs, the approach may be confusing to clients or even a touch scary, says a long time underwriter. Advisors will therefore need to be ready to educate on this. Predictive modeling refers to systematic analysis of data, including … Continue reading

Podcast Series: Building a More Successful Practice

By Andy Moyer for NAIFA Advisor Today The following are audio articles, or podcasts, that you can listen to at your convenience—on your computer, your MP3 player or burn it to a CD. If you’ve never subscribed to a podcast, or downloaded an audio file, see the instructions on how to start. Be sure to … Continue reading

Insurance Companies Look to Online Retailers as Role Models

by Nathan Golia for the May 2012 issue of Insurance and Technology Magazine. The consumerization of technology has changed how consumers interact with businesses, and online retailers have led the way in providing the kinds of real-time, personalized transactions that customers have come to expect. Insurers can learn from the retail customer experience to improve … Continue reading

“Prosumers” Changing the Face of Life Sales

When the world is full of Internet-savvy consumers who practically live online and have low expectations of their experiences with life insurance, what can companies do to stay ahead? It’s a challenging world for the financial services industry, admits Maria Umbach of Maddock Douglas — one of the experts speaking at this week’s LIMRA conference … Continue reading