Selling Long-Term Care in Today’s Market

A catastrophic long-term-care event can wipe out even the most carefully planned retirement, if there is no contingency in place. Three experts offer advice on how to help your clients get coverage affordably. When Prudential Financial said sayonara to the long-term-care insurance market this year (individual in March, group in August), it was the 10th … Continue reading

Managing escalating LTCi premiums

As the product itself matures, industry looks to redefine its approach Anyone who has taken an introduction to marketing course in high school or a marketing class in college has been introduced to the concept of the “Marketing Mix” illustrated by “The 4 Ps:” Price Product Promotion [communication] Place [distribution] The concept is dated but … Continue reading

2011 Life Insurance Carrier Report Card

Analyzing the ways the industry’s biggest players take care of agents’ needs – as explained by agents themselves. A litany of complex decisions goes into the choices you make to work with specific carriers, decisions that become more intricate each year. Do you make your decisions based on the ads you see in publications like … Continue reading

The DAI LTCi Newsletter for May 2011