How I’ve Changed My LTC Insurance Practice

What are changes that some of the most successful LTC insurance agents have made to put them on more solid footing than their competitors? As you know, the LTC insurance business has been, well, to put it nicely, interesting lately! I talk with LTC insurance agents almost every day and, thus, have a unique seat … Continue reading

Carriers and Castaways

Companies and agents must rescue each other for the good of the industry. Sometimes it seems as though insurance agents have become the real-life embodiment of Chuck Noland, the FedEx employee portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway. He survived a plane crash, only to be stranded on a desolate island for four years … Continue reading

Give Life [Insurance] a Shot!

Health insurance agents, welcome to the life insurance market. With the Supreme Court upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it would seem many of the estimated 100,000 health insurance producers will either diversify their business or leave the health insurance market altogether. Many of you already have seen your commissions slashed up to … Continue reading

There’s More Than Meets the Eye With the ‘Simplified’ Life Insurance Sale

Fewer Americans are insured than ever before and most insurance agents avoid the lower and mddle-market segments. “No one wants to buy insurance until they can’t buy it.” All too often, it takes the shock of a health problem for people to recognize the need for life insurance coverage. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible … Continue reading