Estate planning for young families

Many young families put off estate planning. If asked, they may say they are too young, healthy or can’t afford it. Some have trouble just thinking about what could happen if they should die while their minor children and spouse are depending on them. But even a healthy, young adult can be taken suddenly by … Continue reading

Consumer Website on 2012 Gifting from American General

In 2011, Uncle Sam gave you the Best Estate Planning Gift  in history. In 2012 it got better In 2013 it goes away Now, more than any time in history,  a lifetime gifting strategy can provide more estate and gift tax savings. Click to see how Make your 2012 Lifetime Gifting appointments with your estate planning … Continue reading

Advanced Markets: The Importance of Wills in Financial Planning

You’ve heard the adage, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The meaning rings especially true when it comes to preparing a will. “It’s human nature to put things off, especially planning for what happens after death,” says Dave DeBoer JD, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, Advanced Markets Specialist with Mutual of Omaha. “A … Continue reading

Educating Trustees and Beneficiaries to Prevent Trust Litigation

 If you Google the term “trust and estate litigation,” not only will you find more than 1.2 million hits but many of them are coupled with phrases such as “fast-growing field,” “ever-growing opportunities,” and “hot field.” Beneficiaries’ failure to understand the terms of the trust has been cited by many commentators as a major cause … Continue reading

The High Wire Act of High-Net-Worth DI Claims

Agents who sell disability insur­ance (DI) to high-income profes­sionals often admit that the call they most dread receiving from a client is the one that begins with these five words: “My claim has been denied.” Often a mixture of accusation and out­rage, the client’s harsh tone immediately triggers the agent’s defenses. What went wrong? Why … Continue reading