Retirement tools to consider: Fixed indexed annuities and in-service withdrawals

Both can be used to help ensure clients have retirement income that lasts. The recent economic downturn and slow recovery have significantly impacted Americans’ plans for retirement, and many of those looking toward the future are being forced to change their expectations. One-quarter of working Americans have changed their expected retirement age, according to the … Continue reading

Annuity disclosures: Changes may be coming to a state near you

  Industry Speaks Out Some revisions have been made to the minimum informational requirements and how illustrations are to be presented. The current version of the NAIC’s Annuity Disclosure Model Regulation (Model 245), revised last year, has as its stated purpose to “specify the minimum information which must be disclosed, the method for disclosing it … Continue reading

Why People Buy Annuities

LIMRA annuity researcher says surveyshows clients are anxious about income and need a financial plan before buying. Selling life insurance might seem to be more art than science. Sure, successful sales systems have their tested components derived from experimentation, but when it comes down to it, it’s the artful salesperson who usually closes the deal. … Continue reading

Hit the Gas

Are contingent deferred annuities getting in gear or just spinning their wheels? The recent debate among state insurance commissioners as to the regulatory status of contingent deferred annuities has focused advisors’ attention on new solutions that, if demand takes off, could significantly boost the market for insurance products in the retirement income planning space. Such … Continue reading