Why should your clients buy critical illness insurance?

For clients who are building toward retirement, a life threatening condition could postpone their retirement, while a diagnosis could significantly affect or even eliminate retirement accumulation. What is critical illness insurance? It is protective coverage that pays a tax-free, lump sum benefit upon confirmed diagnosis of a covered critical, life-threatening condition. The benefit is paid … Continue reading

Boomer Women in Retirement

by Ed McCarthy for the May 01, 2012 issue of Senior Market Advisor The Boomer Issue It’s well-known that boomer women will outlive their male counterparts. The September 2011 MetLife Study of “Women, Retirement, and the Extra-Long Life: Implications for Planning” reports that for women who have survived to age 60, the average remaining life … Continue reading

Impaired Risk Review…Cognitive Testing

Older age underwriting remains a very important part of business strategy for life insurers. Medical advances that increased longevity and life expectancy have helped more senior applicants obtain life insurance at affordable rates, but experience has worsened in the last few years as premium financing and third party assignment have become a significant percentage of … Continue reading

Calculating your Rate

Calculating Your Term Life Insurance Rates A lot goes into your term life insurance rate. First off, there is an entire branch of mathematical science dedicated to it. This is the sub field of actuarial science. People are paid good money to calculate as much of the risks as is humanly possible, and then factor … Continue reading