Handling Sales Objections: “I Want to Shop Around”

Have you ever heard this objection from a potential client: “Okay. Well, thanks for the information. I want to shop around and will get back to you.” Unless you’ve only been in sales a day or two, you have. In most cases what are they really saying to you? They’re saying, “I want to know … Continue reading

How Technology Has Changed Prospecting Forever

How Technology Has Changed Prospecting Forever I delivered a presentation on marketing strategies at MDRT’s Annual Meeting.  Today, just six years later, that presentation would be very different—including aspects of marketing that didn’t even exist then. Today, marketing includes new media, social media, viral marketing, video, virtual seminars and managing your online reputation. If you’re … Continue reading

Selling to Seniors: Trust First, Sales Second

Before dealing with older life insurance buyers, producers need to know the profile Harry was able to secure an appointment with a mature couple who wanted to know more about protecting their assets. After chatting for a few minutes, the husband held up the mailer that created the meeting in the first place and blurted … Continue reading

Is Life Insurance Still Relevant Today?

Although life insurance needs have increased with the growing pop ulation, life insurance sales have not. There is an entire demographic, Gen X and Y, who not only don’t buy life insurance, they’re not even sure what it is. Why is that? Has this product outlived its usefulness? Has life insurance gone the way of … Continue reading

2011 Technology Selling Guide: Building a Constant Connection

How to remain in touch, even when on the road or away from the phone // Selling insurance is personal business. Clients share private details such as their medical history, savings and plans for the future. And today, client service is more important than ever as clients and prospects face an uncertain retirement, stretched budgets … Continue reading