Whole Life Insurance: The Financial Foundation Asian Americans Are Seeking?

Asian Americans tend to be wealthy savers focused on leaving a legacy for their families. Here’s how you can tap this ideal market for life insurance. Completion of the 2010 census set off much discussion about the growth of minority segments of the U.S. population. While the Hispanic segment is cited as the largest, agents … Continue reading

Focus on the Legacy, Not the Tax Bill

As the current estate tax sunsets and uncertainty approaches, reframe your discussions with clients to focus on legacy planning rather than estate tax solutions. Concern over the stuttering economy, uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election and the ambiguity of future estate tax legislation have left many high net-worth Americans stunned and leery about planning for estate … Continue reading

Indexed Products: For the Best and Worst of Times

Indexed products can help your clients take advantage of bull markets, ride out the bears and, perhaps most importantly, avoid the fear-based investing decisions that hurt them in the long run. When you think about all the different obstacles consumers must face today on their way to a fruitful retirement, it boggles the mind. First, … Continue reading

The Life Insurance Glass is More Than Half Full

The large population of uninsured and underinsured Americans could mean billions in sales — but only if agents make a few changes. By Rose Cahill March 1, 2012 • Reprints 28 Findings in a newly released study by Acxiom on life insurance shopping reinforce other studies we have seen over the last few years. Namely, … Continue reading

Critical illness insurance — a product for many needs

CI protection is more than just a supplement to health insurance — and it’s more important now than ever to your clients and prospects. Over the past decade, many in our industry have been calling critical illness insurance America’s “product of the future.” Judging from the recent surge in CI sales in the United States, … Continue reading