Don’t Allow Term to Lapse Without Taking a Second Look

Many producers are unaware that convertible term policies on seniors age 65 and above represent some of the best prospects for life settlements. Failing to take a look at these policies, before they are allowed to lapse, could be a significant missed opportunity for clients. Term insurance is often bought for only a temporary need, … Continue reading

Navigating the Money Game

Thoughts on the ever-changing life settlement industry Many tales have been told about this misunderstood industry. The one I Iike best is, “the life settlement industry is dead.” If this were a text message, I would reply in all caps: LOL. While the industry has changed significantly since its inception — and most definitely since … Continue reading

The Role of the Broker in today’s life settlement market

The secondary market for life insurance policies (commonly referred to as life settlements) is an exciting option for policies that have become unneeded, unwanted or no longer affordable. To capitalize on this opportunity, however, most people would need professional help. The underlying asset (a life insurance policy) is inherently complex, as is the process of … Continue reading