Life Insurance: Protecting The Family And The Business

For the self-employed, having adequate life insurance is essential. As tempting as self-employment can be, the reality is that it takes up every available hour—especially in the start-up phase. With the goal to get their company up and running, business owners often push aside other equally important tasks, waiting for that “someday” when they will … Continue reading

Life Insurance Industry Has Four Ways To Survive

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –The life and pensions sector is facing a rapidly-evolving and competitive environment. According to PwC US‘s “Life Insurance 2020: Competing for a Future” report, companies operating in this sector will need to cope with major social, technological, environmental, economic and political factors and take advantage of emerging opportunities to … Continue reading

Combatting consumer apathy

Americans have no shortage of reasons why they don’t buy — or don’t buy enough — life insurance. The industry’s challenge is finding a way to turn life insurance from a “nice-to-have” into a “need-to-have” in the minds of consumers. As anyone in the life insurance industry knows, most Americans are dangerously uninsured or underinsured … Continue reading

A not-so-hidden source of life insurance premiums (presentation)

One of the most difficult steps in the life insurance sale is finding the funding for the client’s policy premiums. But what if there was a way that clients could provide financial assistance for loved ones without affecting their own retirement lifestyle?

8 term life sales ideas for Gen X & Y prospects

These concepts can help producers open the door to more advanced client solutions down the road while securing badly needed coverage now for many of today’s under-50 consumers. As any agent or advisor will admit, it can be difficult to explain the full gamut of life insurance products to potential and current clients. This is … Continue reading