If Only More Had LTCI…

A Care Provider Gives a View from the Trenches Jim Reynolds’ message for the companies writing and the producers selling long-term care insurance (LTCI) is simple: You’re doing a good job; keep at it. Reynolds is chief executive of Caring Companion Home Care L.L.C., Concord, Mass., and a member of a family that has been … Continue reading

Get in on the ground floor

Use LTCI to get new clients and new revenue streams By Philip Abdouch From the May 2012 issue of Benefits Selling Magazine There’s no shortage of bad news for benefit brokers these days. Medical-loss ratio calculations and health exchanges are expected to slash the commissions carriers pay agents over the next few years. Federal subsidies for … Continue reading

Are You Selling A Solution To Something Your Client May Not Perceive As A Problem

LTC INSURANCE ROUND TABLE So, you’ve been talking to your clients about long term care insurance and not getting the results you expect? After all, you are the trusted advisor, right? Your client should be listening to you and your advice, right? So, what’s the problem? Maybe it’s your approach. Are you selling a solution … Continue reading

Riding the Life Extension Wave

By promoting longer, healthier lives, we can provide affordable long-term care for all who need it, while contributing to a more robust society Failure to plan adequately for the long-term care (LTC) needs of our longer-living population is putting more than just the people at risk, who stand to lose trillions. Federal and state governments … Continue reading