ACSI: customer satisfaction with life insurers attains record high

Stable premiums helped to push customer satisfaction with life insurance companies to a record high, new research by The American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals (ASCI). ACSI Managing Director David VanAmburg, indicated that Premium stability is really one of the only tangible factors that consumers have when rating their satisfaction with life insurance companies. Due to … Continue reading

An unexpected journey

Why LTCI makes sense and how to make it work Long-term care insurance has been a difficult product to sell for some time, and recent events have called its marketability further into question. With several prominent insurers, including Prudential and MetLife, announcing decisions to stop signing new LTCI policies, and with the federal government’s decision … Continue reading

Uncertainty Pushes Sales Higher

Now more than ever before, older clients want the guaranteed returns and risk protection life insurance offers. Many older clients have developed stock-market fatigue. At the same time, though, yields on conservative fixed-income investments have dropped to historic lows. That combination makes the guaranteed returns and risk protection benefits available with cash-value life insurance look … Continue reading

Protecting Gen Y’s Greatest Asset with DI

Education is key to dispelling the myth that financial protection is a discretionary need. As a cross-section of Americans to name their most important fianncial assets and you would draw some predictable responses: 401K plan, and IRA, a home – perhaps a business. Many may not hink about their ability to work and earn an … Continue reading

Will critical illness insurance take off?

Don’t get caught in the rain Just as is the case with retirement savings, there’s a common theme when it comes to Americans and finances: We’re just not prepared enough. There’s a long list of data telling us we aren’t prepared for a rainy day—or barely even a week from now: A survey found … Continue reading