Succeeding With Whole Life

  Advisor Steve Vasgaard helps his clients make the leap to financial stability. Experienced senior market advisors can recall when the stock markets could do no wrong. Clients­—and many advisors—assumed that stock and mutual fund portfolios would grow consistently by double digits. In contrast, cash value life insurance products were deemed a low-yield waste of … Continue reading

Life Insurance in the Fast Lane

When financial magazines need filler articles, they always appear to choose one subject — life insurance. And it’s never pretty. It seems like every single columnist is a bombastic blowhard pontificating on the rip off of life insurance. Day in and day out, these “experts” make uninformed, yet confident assertions about life insurance.  And they … Continue reading

Life: A rebalancing act

Why clients should treat their life insurance policies like investment portfolios. Life insurance is and should be a substantial asset for many Americans, but it is often ignored when it comes to portfolio allocation. The reason is partially because of the way life insurance is purchased. Buying a life insurance policy, unlike a mutual fund, … Continue reading

Dave Ramsey on “Life Insurance”

To read the original article written by Allen Koreis and its comments visit ProducersWeb   All the drama of Dave sticking his finger down his throat when he talks about life insurance doesn’t change the fact that he is making outlandish claims about how much money a person saves or a person will have in … Continue reading