Protecting Gen Y’s Greatest Asset with DI

Education is key to dispelling the myth that financial protection is a discretionary need. As a cross-section of Americans to name their most important fianncial assets and you would draw some predictable responses: 401K plan, and IRA, a home – perhaps a business. Many may not hink about their ability to work and earn an … Continue reading

The Many Uses of Life Insurance

UL Insurance with accelerated benefits and Social Security replacement are unique applications of permanent life insurance coverage. The longer I stay in this business and the longer I write life insurance policies for my clients, the more convinced I am that there is a solid place for lifelong life insurance coverage.  The key to selling … Continue reading

Advantages of a 1035 Exchange

1035 exchange is an exchange of insurance contracts that allows for the deferral of taxes that would be due if the policyowner surrendered one policy and purchased another in two separate transactions. Section 1035 allows the non-taxable exchange of: An existing life or endowment policy for a new life or endowment policy or qualified LTC … Continue reading