The Last Word On LTCI…The Reveal

Let’s begin this month’s great reveal with a reminder of what we are doing and why. There is an astronomical caregiving debt that will come due for baby boomers, and everyone must understand that bill will be paid. As we know, some of it will be passed on to future generations through our ever-expanding system … Continue reading

What you (still) don’t know about selling to women

A woman, who just came into “a sizeable amount of money,” received a phone call from her and her husband’s financial planner. “He took my husband to the golf course to play 18 and then said, ‘Call your wife and tell her to meet us in the clubhouse and we’ll tell her how we’re going … Continue reading

The ABCs of Life Insurance: K–O

By Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson for What’s the difference between a mutual insurance company and a stock insurance company? What’s key person insurance? Your clients and propects might ask you questions like these all the time. Click through this slideshow and you’ll be better able to answer them, in easy, understandable language. To view … Continue reading


INSURANCE REGULATORS TO HOLD HEARING ON LENDER-PLACED INSURANCE WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will hold a public hearing Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012, to further discuss the use of lender-­placed insurance and the effect of the practice on consumers. The hearing at the NAIC Summer National Meeting in Atlanta will be … Continue reading

Caveats to Weigh When Evaluating the CDA

The feature on contingent deferred annuities portrays a generally positive future for these newfangled insurance products, one that could yield a significant revenue stream for fee-based investment advisors. Financial professionals would be wise, however, to consider some caveats before investing much time and resources in this nascent market. Let’s start with a big one. The … Continue reading