Selling Long-Term Care in Today’s Market

A catastrophic long-term-care event can wipe out even the most carefully planned retirement, if there is no contingency in place. Three experts offer advice on how to help your clients get coverage affordably. When Prudential Financial said sayonara to the long-term-care insurance market this year (individual in March, group in August), it was the 10th … Continue reading

What you (still) don’t know about selling to women

A woman, who just came into “a sizeable amount of money,” received a phone call from her and her husband’s financial planner. “He took my husband to the golf course to play 18 and then said, ‘Call your wife and tell her to meet us in the clubhouse and we’ll tell her how we’re going … Continue reading

Teach Your Clients Well

Better Knowledge of Life Insurance Dynamics Can Lead to Higher Ownership Rates By Mark Hug Mr. Hug is Executive Vice President, Marketing & Distribution, Prudential Individual Life Insurance.  Ownership of individual life insurance is the lowest it’s been in more than a half century. That’s a big problem, both from an industry health standpoint and … Continue reading

Hit the Gas

Are contingent deferred annuities getting in gear or just spinning their wheels? The recent debate among state insurance commissioners as to the regulatory status of contingent deferred annuities has focused advisors’ attention on new solutions that, if demand takes off, could significantly boost the market for insurance products in the retirement income planning space. Such … Continue reading

2012 Long Term Care Insurance Survey: Highlights from This Year’s Survey

The 2012 Long Term Care Insurance Survey is the 14th consecutive annual review of long term care insurance (LTCI) published by BROKER WORLD magazine. The survey compares products, reports sales distributions and analyzes the changing marketplace. Unless otherwise indicated, references are solely to the U.S. stand-alone LTCI market and exclude the exercise of future purchase … Continue reading