Annuity Riders Explained

What is an annuity? An annuity is a financial product designed to accept and grow funds from an individual and then generate a stream of payments at a later point in time. Annuities are primarily used as a means of creating a steady cash flow for individuals during their retirement years. There are two basic … Continue reading

How to Conduct a Capital Needs Analysis

When determining the life insurance need, it becomes critically important for advisors to avoid telling prospects what they “should” or “ought” to do. Rather, the role of the financial professional is simply to facilitate the process of helping the prospect identify what they would want to have happen if, God forbid, they did not make … Continue reading

Equipping the Retirement Advisor

Providing Income to Retiring Boomers Boomers face major challenges with retirement. The pensions that sustained their parents are fast disappearing or uncertain. Health care costs are rising and will continue to rise. The challenge for advisors is: What products or services should they recommend that will enable Boomers to meet their income needs during retirement. … Continue reading

Innovation, competition key to new annuity universe

Advances in products and new entrants into the annuity space threaten to shake up the industry. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you have a roomful of annuity experts together, you’d think there’d be more debate and disagreement, but that’s not the case. Oct. 19-21 in Boca Raton, Fla., the 2011 NAFA IMO … Continue reading

Better Addressing the Boomers through Annuities and Life Insurance

Forget the merits of the TARP program. Among the few — very few — things economists seem to agree on these days is that immediate fixed life annuities slowly are growing in popularity among Baby Boomers. Just, well, ask an economist. One “rare point of virtually universal agreement” among economists is that immediate fixed life … Continue reading