Addressing Longevity Risk

Know how to best mitigate your clients’ financial risks in living to a ripe old age. My friend, Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association, took a question from the audience. A young man raised his hand: “Mr. Robert, may I ask, please, how old you are?” Cavett, impeccably dressed with perfectly creased slacks … Continue reading

How to Start the Succession Planning Conversation

As insurance providers, you are aware of the fact that the majority of your business-owning clients are ignoring the reality that at some point in time they will have to relinquish management and ownership of the enterprise that they have created or inherited. You have probably had a hundred interviews that touched on this topic … Continue reading

5 questions to ask a business owner

Many young insurance agents are intimidated by the business insurance market. Perhaps it is their fear of having to deal with the business owner’s CPAs, attorneys and other advisors, or perhaps it is their limited experience in reading business financial statements. While these are, indeed, challenges — and I would recommend working with more experienced … Continue reading

Is Your Independent Agency At Risk?

Risk management begins at home One of the main things we teach at The Sitkins Producer Training Camp is risk assessment. When you are working with prospects or clients, you should help them assess their risk and develop specific Risk Reduction Plans. It’s all part of our “set offense,” known as The Risk Reduction Approach(TM). … Continue reading

Calculating your Rate

Calculating Your Term Life Insurance Rates A lot goes into your term life insurance rate. First off, there is an entire branch of mathematical science dedicated to it. This is the sub field of actuarial science. People are paid good money to calculate as much of the risks as is humanly possible, and then factor … Continue reading