Baby Boom retirees rely more than ever on personal savings to sustain retirement income

The New Savings Paradigm By Christopher J. Cummings and Shawn E. Sanderson for November 2012 issue of Life & Health Advisor Mr. Sanderson is an Investment Consultant with Manning & Napier. His primary responsibilities include contributing to the firm’s Life Cycle consulting efforts. Mr. Cummings, CFP, CFA is the Managing Director of the Client Analytics … Continue reading

Gen Z – The Next Generation of Investors

Meet Generation Z. They are patient, collaborative and, contrary to popular belief, do not necessarily prefer electronic communication to personal connections. This is according to a new “Gen Z” survey conducted by TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. Top concerns Ranging from ages 13 to 22, members of this group may seem too young to be thinking … Continue reading

Help your Clients Safeguard their Retirement Income

MetLife can help you provide your clients with the right protection for their unique needs. Retirement Savings Disability Income Insurance (RSDII) can help your clients further protect their retirement income in the event of a disability. Help Your Clients Create Their Own Personal Safety Net When it comes to helping your clients plan for the … Continue reading

Single In Retirement

Single in Retirement At a time when American longevity continues to increase, long term retirement planning has become more challenging than ever. When financial security has been shaken by the weak economy, market volatility, depressed housing prices, and the rising cost of health care, Americans have been forced to adjust their expectations and retirement plans. … Continue reading

Gifting To An Annuity: A New Strategy For Estate Planning

Young adults today know that their retirement may not be like the retirement enjoyed by their parents. With fewer employers providing defined benefit pension plans, coupled with concerns about the future viability of Social Security, most young adults must build their retirement savings via contributions to an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan and their own personal savings. … Continue reading