Industry Survey 2012: One Size Does Fit All

By Maria Wood and David Vogin From the December 2012 issue of Senior Market Advisor • Maria Wood,’s Annuities Channel Editor, has been a journalista and writer for over 20 years. Whether marketing to men or women, seniors or boomers, the industry must tailor its solutions to each individual. The torch is being passed As they have … Continue reading

Beat the Estate Tax Blow: with Deferred Annuities and an Irrevocable Trust

Is life insurance not an option for your client when it comes to legacy planning? Try an annuity instead. The hinge around which estate planning revolves is gifting. The future growth in value of the asset from the date of gift to the date of death will be removed from the estate for estate tax … Continue reading

5 Ways to Open the Executive Benefits Sales Door

These topics and conversation-starters can help get employers to prioritize key employee benefits.  A new year offers new opportunities, and new concerns, for a key employee in a business. Will I succeed with my work goals? Should I look elsewhere for a challenge … and the pay that comes with that challenge? I’m a year … Continue reading

Insuring an Aging Population

By Marjorie Keymer, M.D. The U.S. population is aging rapidly. Today, 1 out of every 9 Americans is “old” — another individual turns 50 every 8 seconds. Those aged 65 and older now exceed 35 million, a number poised to explode. January 2011 ushered in the first 65 year old of the approximately 77 million … Continue reading

How to Sell to Women….and Men (Part 2)

We explored how to sell to women. Now, let’s talk about men. Men often assess their value by how well they gain status and accomplishment. Linguist Deborah Tannen discusses this constant one-upmanship that men tend to engage in as “alignment.” Men often try to position themselves higher than the person they’re talking to, hence bragging … Continue reading