10 Reasons an Insurance Agent Needs an Online Presence

Have referrals to your business dropped off over the past two years? Are standard “always worked before” advertising methods less effective? Is the 100 calls = 10 appointments = 1 sale formula less accurate? Are outbound phone calls more effectively blocked by technology every day? If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the questions above, … Continue reading

The Agent Face in Facebook

Establishing a well-branded Facebook account is an important step for a social-media savvy agent. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of photos and personal branding on Facebook. The importance of Facebook profile photos A good photo is one of the most important aspects of your Facebook profile. It helps prospects feel like already … Continue reading

How Technology Has Changed Prospecting Forever

How Technology Has Changed Prospecting Forever I delivered a presentation on marketing strategies at MDRT’s Annual Meeting.  Today, just six years later, that presentation would be very different—including aspects of marketing that didn’t even exist then. Today, marketing includes new media, social media, viral marketing, video, virtual seminars and managing your online reputation. If you’re … Continue reading

The New Kitchen Table: Prospects ready to hear about life insurance — where they live

Prospects ready to hear about life insurance — where they live Who’s to blame for life insurance ownership falling to a 50-year low? Implicate the economy, which has hurt the housing market, incomes and retirement funds and provided a new set of rules for what job security really is and means to people. And point … Continue reading

The Social Side of Business 2.0

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, YouTube…these are the new tools of a thriving practice. Most people are familiar with the term “Web 2.0,” which refers to a second generation of web development and design that focuses on fostering social networking via the web. Innovative companies are embracing Web 2.0 as a way to enhance communication, information … Continue reading