Baby Boom retirees rely more than ever on personal savings to sustain retirement income

The New Savings Paradigm By Christopher J. Cummings and Shawn E. Sanderson for November 2012 issue of Life & Health Advisor Mr. Sanderson is an Investment Consultant with Manning & Napier. His primary responsibilities include contributing to the firm’s Life Cycle consulting efforts. Mr. Cummings, CFP, CFA is the Managing Director of the Client Analytics … Continue reading

9 retirement planning mistakes your clients might be making

Retirement is a complex adjustment, with multiple moving parts. Without careful advance planning, critical elements can fall through the cracks and cause significant financial loss. Here are nine things clients approaching retirement should consider as they build a comprehensive plan for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. 1. Thinking only in terms … Continue reading

What you (still) don’t know about selling to women

A woman, who just came into “a sizeable amount of money,” received a phone call from her and her husband’s financial planner. “He took my husband to the golf course to play 18 and then said, ‘Call your wife and tell her to meet us in the clubhouse and we’ll tell her how we’re going … Continue reading

Thinking outside the benefit period box

The last time you sold a disability income (DI) policy or reviewed a client’s existing DI coverage, did you discuss protection for your client’s ability to save for retirement? It’s a topic that’s often overlooked, but one that can have a material impact on someone’s long-term financial wellbeing. For many policyholders, the first time the … Continue reading