The Last Word On LTCI…The Reveal

Let’s begin this month’s great reveal with a reminder of what we are doing and why. There is an astronomical caregiving debt that will come due for baby boomers, and everyone must understand that bill will be paid. As we know, some of it will be passed on to future generations through our ever-expanding system … Continue reading

Addressing Longevity Risk

Know how to best mitigate your clients’ financial risks in living to a ripe old age. My friend, Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association, took a question from the audience. A young man raised his hand: “Mr. Robert, may I ask, please, how old you are?” Cavett, impeccably dressed with perfectly creased slacks … Continue reading

In Life Insurance Sales, Prepare to Reckon with Women

Could wives actually be nudging their husbands to buy life insurance? According to Jon Dressner, that is exactly what many women are doing. “Women are becoming a major force to be reckoned with in life insurance selling,” said the senior vice president and chief creative officer of LIFE Foundation, during an interview with InsuranceNewsNet. Agents … Continue reading

“I’m Older And I Want Life Insurance” …I just can’t remember why.

Or so goes the home office joke. But when your client is declined for life or long term care insurance coverage it’s no laughing matter—especially when the case is larger or when the decision is a shocker because the reason was cognitive impairment. Why the recent excitement about seniors and life insurance? Right now, many … Continue reading