Boom or Doom: Fixed annuities in today’s economic climate

Planning Strategies for retirement & longevity by Mike Janky, CLU, ChFC, CFS, RHU, CAS, CASL, IAR Mr. Janky is a principal with Forward Strategies, a Tucson based annuity marketing company. With interest rates hovering at all-time lows, why would anyone in their right mind put money into a fixed annuity? Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

DIAs Mix It Up with SPIAs in Income Annuity Market

About 5 percent of income annuities, listed on the database of CANNEX, are deferred income annuities (DIAs)—the new kids on the income annuity block. But they are get-ting known around the neighborhood. These products, which the industry increasingly refers to as DIAs, allow buyers to defer income for several years after purchase, says Gary Baker, … Continue reading

Guarantees Are In; Speculation Is Out

The new direction of income planning There’s no mistaking the sobering change that has swept through the retirement savings marketplace since 2008. A bull-market fixation for investment growth is gone. A focus on accumulation of assets has changed, stressing continuity and dependability. Blame it on the aging of America or call it collective pragmatism, the … Continue reading

The fixed annuity’s place in a world of rock-bottom interest rates

Fixed annuities can serve clients well in this market, and it is your duty to know how. Here are two real-life examples where being informed about these products made a difference. // Despite an increasingly well-informed client base, there remains no question of the need for the financial professional who can help customers reach their … Continue reading

Transferring longevity and market risk with immediate annuities

The legendary prognosticator Yogi Berra opined, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Financial advisors and financial consumers should pay heed to Mr. Berra’s sage observation, especially when it comes to how America’s changing age demographics will likely impact their finances. It’s also good advice for anyone who expects to receive future income based … Continue reading