LTCI: Top 6 Medicare myths

The Essential Guide Health insurance for senior clients used to be simple. Employers often provided retirees with some form of lifetime coverage; those lacking that option signed up for a Medicare supplement. Nowadays employers are cutting back retirees’ medical coverage, forcing more of your older clients to wade through the alphabet soup of Medigap coverage … Continue reading

Life insurance as asset protection

The last five years have produced an explosion in the number of clients looking for solutions to both asset protection and estate planning issues. Your high net-worth (HNW) clients are rightly more concerned than ever before with loss than growth. That’s due to a variety of factors threatening their wealth, including increased litigation risk, decreased … Continue reading

Generational Disconnect: How Veteran Advisors and Young Recruits KEEP ON TRACK

There comes a day when veteran independent advisors look away from their desks and sense a yawning gap in the middle of the office.  Across it they see a young advisor and then admit to themselves, “how fresh, energenic, bright – and clueless” That young recruit looks back, no doubt thinking how fuddy-duddy the older … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: SBLI

The No Nonsense Life Insurance Company. Having protected hundreds of thousands of families with life insurance since 1907, SBLI (Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) can hardly be thought of as the new kid on the block, but in a way, we are. For much of our existence, SBLI has been unique to Massachusetts, … Continue reading