Leveraging the Need for Guarantees in Today’s Market

The weak economic recovery has left many consumers standing on the sidelines filled with uncertainty about their financial decisions—Is it the right time to buy a home? Is the job market stable enough to pursue new opportunities? Is it safe to invest in the stock market? The trends shaping today’s consumer purchasing decisions are the … Continue reading

Life Insurance is the Solution

Watch This Compelling Video from Transamerica  The industry is in a unique positionto help families   protect the long-term security of their loved ones using life insurance. And   with only one third of Americans covered by individual life insurance, life   insurance professionals have a big opportunity to make a difference in   people’s … Continue reading

DAI News & Notes: Transamerica’s MultiFlex Surrender Endorsement


Industry Leader Forum: Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Life insurance is no longer simply about insuring lives. It is about ensuring dreams. In the aftermath of the recession and an economy still in turmoil, customers have seen their current and future prosperity threatened in unprecedented ways. Savings and retirement accounts have been depleted with no clear prospect of how or if those losses … Continue reading

DAI News & Notes: Year-end is Rapidly Approaching