Finding Success In Social Media

By Kenneth A Shapiro and Sophia Miller for the October 2012 issue of Broker World Magazine With all the hype about social media, it’s easy to believe you’re missing an immense opportunity if you are not participating. Yet hundreds of Twitter accounts, Facebook business pages and LinkedIn profiles have been abandoned because they failed to … Continue reading

A Broker’s Perspective…Choice: A Shortcut to Success

An individual’s right to choice is one of the most important symbols of freedom in America. Our profession has produced a great many highly successful individuals with certain traits in common that are worth learning. While many life producers enter our industry as agents representing a single company, by experience they soon learn the importance … Continue reading

The Social Side of Business 2.0

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, YouTube…these are the new tools of a thriving practice. Most people are familiar with the term “Web 2.0,” which refers to a second generation of web development and design that focuses on fostering social networking via the web. Innovative companies are embracing Web 2.0 as a way to enhance communication, information … Continue reading

2011 Technology Selling Guide: [Social Media] “Everyone is Doing It”

Some basic social media lessons will keep you from being left behind // If you’re not taking full advantage of social networking sites, then you may be missing out on good opportunities to expand your business — or make new connections that could lead to new business. Even just over the last two or three … Continue reading

Mining for Gold: 3 Easy Ways to Prospect for Business in the Social Media World

Each day, hundreds of millions of people around the world log onto the Internet to connect with friends, families, and co-workers via innumerable social networking websites. Tapping into that vast network of people could pay huge dividends for any business. For the companies in the wholesale brokerage industry, who pride themselves on being in a … Continue reading