Should I guarantee my life insurance policy to age 121?

Should you guarantee your life insurance policy to age 121?  It depends.  A shorter guarantee period is not for everyone.  The appropriate age for the guarantee period is dependent on many factors including comfort level, risk tolerance, and potential premium savings.  Many guaranteed universal life insurance products available for purchase today allow for death benefit … Continue reading

A Planning Window Without The Pane: Tax Reform Act of 2010

Everyone in the industry knows that until the end of the day on December 31, 2012, a donor can give away that amount without fear of federal transfer taxes. Comparing the current planning environment to a game is not far-fetched when you consider that this is the seventh time in the last 11 years that … Continue reading

Q and A: Estate Planning with Life Insurance

Life insurance is that most versatile of investment vehicles, a low-risk product that works for clients in just about any wealth category and life stage. Historically, it has been a key component in many a well-executed estate plan, and it continues to be one of the most relevant, secure options available. However, with last year’s … Continue reading

To Guarantee or Not to Guarantee for Life

Permanent life insurance is designed to provide financial security for beneficiaries after an insured person passes on.  As insurance carriers retain sufficient assets to pay death benefits while also making a profit, the products they offer have evolved as economic circumstances have changed. The challenge for the industry is to safeguard the future for the … Continue reading

DAI News & Notes – Total Living Coverage from Genworth—Notes–Total-Living-Coverage-from-Genworth.html?soid=1101728984258&aid=BKH6F8TnjBM.