Teach Your Clients Well

Better Knowledge of Life Insurance Dynamics Can Lead to Higher Ownership Rates By Mark Hug Mr. Hug is Executive Vice President, Marketing & Distribution, Prudential Individual Life Insurance.  Ownership of individual life insurance is the lowest it’s been in more than a half century. That’s a big problem, both from an industry health standpoint and … Continue reading

The ABCs of Life Insurance: P–T

By Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson for LifeProHealth.com Are your prospects confused about perm versus term? Upset that their premiums are high because they’re smokers? Use these simple explainations about permanent life insurance, risk classes and more to help them understand. To view the rest of the series, see: The ABCs of Life Insurance: A-E The ABCs … Continue reading

Indexed Universal Life Comes Of Age

With sales increasing by more than 41 percent in the past year, and an average growth rate exceeding 23 percent per year since its inception almost 15 years ago, the emergence of IUL is an amazing story! (See Figure 1). In addition, IUL (indexed universal life) and fixed indexed universal life (FIUL) have become the … Continue reading

Whole Life, Trusts: A One-Two Punch For Special Needs Cases

SEE ALSO the most recent article: Insuring the Parents of Children with Special Needs As long as parents are alive they can take care of their children with disabilities. But what happens when parents can no longer care for their children? Who will step in to take their place? What happens if siblings or other … Continue reading

The “Stay” Bonus as an Effective Business Succession Tool

According to the Exit Planning Institute, nearly two thirds of closely held business owners say they would like to transition the family business to a succeeding generation as their preferred exit option. While keeping the business in the family is a common objective of business owners, the sad reality is that roughly 70% of all … Continue reading