Managing escalating LTCi premiums

As the product itself matures, industry looks to redefine its approach Anyone who has taken an introduction to marketing course in high school or a marketing class in college has been introduced to the concept of the “Marketing Mix” illustrated by “The 4 Ps:” Price Product Promotion [communication] Place [distribution] The concept is dated but … Continue reading

What you (still) don’t know about selling to women

A woman, who just came into “a sizeable amount of money,” received a phone call from her and her husband’s financial planner. “He took my husband to the golf course to play 18 and then said, ‘Call your wife and tell her to meet us in the clubhouse and we’ll tell her how we’re going … Continue reading

Teach Your Clients Well

Better Knowledge of Life Insurance Dynamics Can Lead to Higher Ownership Rates By Mark Hug Mr. Hug is Executive Vice President, Marketing & Distribution, Prudential Individual Life Insurance.  Ownership of individual life insurance is the lowest it’s been in more than a half century. That’s a big problem, both from an industry health standpoint and … Continue reading

Boomers seek less volatile portfolios

by Ed McCarthy, CFP for he May 01, 2012 issue of Senior Market Advisor The Boomer Issue The bear market of 2008-09 hit pre-retirees’ and retirees’ portfolios hard. Although the broad equity market indices have since recovered, older investors remain cautious about risk-taking, according to Prudential’s survey, “Changing Attitudes About Retirement Income: Tracking the Challenges of … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Prudential Insurance Company of America

Enthused and energized is how I would describe the view of Prudential Select Brokerage on the year ahead. Albeit a slow recovery, we see signs that the economic crisis is having less and less impact on our business. We’re looking at 2012 as an opportunity for us and for our distribution partners—especially those who are … Continue reading